Tour March 2020

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New Tour coming up!

I am kicking off my new tour on
February 28th , 2020 in beautiful Dortmund,
and the coolest little club: Wohnzimmer am Piepenstock.
Played there once and super looking forward.

The biggest difference this time around is that I will
be performing with other musicians on most shows. Some
venues aren’t big enough to carry a full band, so
I will be performing as a duo as well. I have with me
Christian Nystrøm on piano and synth. He co – wrote
several of the songs on all three albums I have released. 
I also have with me great musicians from Hamburg
(ex – Rhonda) who also played with me at the
Breminale festival in 2019. 


I am excited to present my new solo record:
“King of Bitter Sorrow”. The theme for this
record is the loss of relationship between
human beings and our conscience. This loss
makes us the King of Bitter Sorrow.

This record was recorded in Studio Nord, in Bremen.
I had the great fortune to work with many great musicians.
Among them is Daisy Chapman. Daisy is a great singer, piano
player, songwriter. She has “worked” the
German audience now over the years and built a
steady following. It is with honor and pleasure
to work with her. And I think the result speaks for itself.
See video below. And see you soon!

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