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 What others have said about my music:

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Life is good and bad in equal measures, thrilling darkness pierced by moments of brilliant light, and we have little option but to move on. This is an underlying theme in my songs.

I have travelled the world with my guitar, playing for prisoners to presidents. I have seen the highest and the lowest of the human condition, the brightest and the darkest of the human spirit. One thing I have come to realize is how similar we are in encompassing the seemingly contradicting forces that makes up what we humans are all about. This is what I write and sing about.

I sense similar feelings in the work of artists like Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Elliot Smith. What is so special about these artists is that they tap into something divine in their soul-searching observations of plain human life. Smitten with bewitching storytelling and melodies. This is what I strive for in my music. If I succeeded? Hear for yourself!

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