Have you forgotten someone for X-mas? 

Make some friends happy – send them Sonic Cult’s album “Great Escape” and Ben Lorentzen’s album “America” as a gift AND keep your own copies for FREE! But hurry: offer gone Dec 24th, midnight, ET

Ben & Sonic Cult Gift CoverHere is our offer:

2 x 3 Albums $20

Send our 2 albums to 3 friends

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2 x 5 Albums $40

Send our 2 albums to 5 friends

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2 x 10 Albums $60

Send our 2 albums to 10 friends

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Immediately after placing your order you will be sent to a page where you can enter your friends email addresses. They will receive your gift in their inbox.

An unbeatable prize for great gifts! We think so anyway…:) You get two albums: Sonic Cults album “Great Escape” and my solo album “America” for a very reduced prize and you can send them to 3, 5 or 10 friends!

Why are we doing this? Here’s the thing: we believe that a good number of your friends will enjoy our music and this will simply grow our fan base! We know our music and we feel good about it. You know your friends and what kind of music they like and this will help us find the people that migth like our albums. As you might already know: both our albums are sort of alternative… yet classic in shape and form. But just to help you narrow it down:

Sonic Cults album is a straight forward american pop rock record. Catchy pop hooks ala Crowded House and Goo Goo Dolls, played with our hearts out like REM, with tons of energy like Foo Fighters. Know anyone that like these bands, we feel confident they will like us too… and maybe we will be their next big favorite.

Help your friend discover Ben Lorentzen’s album “America”, if they like the somber moods of Nick Cave, the lyrical content of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, if they like raw emotions of artists like Chris Cornell.

People are always looking for new stuff, new games…. and always new music. This gift will make someone happy this year!

It’s a good gift, but remember, this is a time limited offer,  at midnight Dec. 24th it will be gone! So sign up now and get your copies, send it to your friends and give them a great listening experience!