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Fact Sheet Ben Lorentzen

Ben Chair

Artist name:
Ben Lorentzen

Somewhere, New Jersey

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Acoustic Pop Noir (Indie Folk)

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Self released

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Stream my album “America” here.

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Download my album, with cover art

Production details:
Recorded in my home studio 2010 – 2012, New York  & Boston
Mixed by Rozhan Razman; RiRo Studios, Brooklyn New York
Mastered by Tony Gillis at The Cutting Room, New York

Ben Lorentzen. All vocals, Guitars, piano, bass, programming, banjo,

My website (Squeeze page)

Music video links:
My Youtube Channel

Staff writer for EMI Publishing, Norway, Early 2000
With my band BRENT, released the album “Here and There” (2002) and the Ep “Inbetween summer and me” (2003)  on S2 Records. Had 3 Hit 40 hits with these two releases.
Also released “Secrets on these walls” on Truly Truly Truly Records (my label back then) (2007).
Wrote the album “Rain” for Paal Flaata (Midnight Choir) on Playground (2008)

First memory of music: tears. My mom singing, me crying…
I wrote my first song when I was eleven. Huge influences was Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams. I didn’t sound like any of them. More tears…
Much to my moms disappointment I decided at the age of 16 that music was my life. More tears, but this time it was her crying…
I came to New York in 1992, formed a band with my brother and Brian Hardgroove. 3 years later he left the band, he eventually joined Public Enemy as their bass player, we went back to Norway.
Secured a deal in 2001 with my band BRENT after much trying and failing. We saw moderate success, a few radio hits. It’s hard to survive in Norway so I became a social worker, and did that and wrote music. Among many other things I co-wrote many of the songs on Paal Flaatas excellent album “Rain”.

I finally got an offer to come back to the states in 2009. I formed a new band: Sonic Cult. We had a “day job” of sorts as we were hired to play a church gig on Manhattan, while writing songs, gigging and making demos. We wrote more than 50 songs and finally got to a place where we could make an album with Brian Sperber (also produced 3 doors down, Staind, Moby). But I took up with the senior pastor, and when the congregation realized, we were all fired, the band and the senior pastor. We are now married (and happily so), but while all this was happening, maybe because it happened, the band took a slight dive, and I decided to make my new album: “America”. I released it through internet marketing just before Christmas, 2013. Currently working both solo and with my band, with a slight emphasize on my solo career.