Ben – SC Bundle


Get a free copy of Sonic Cult’s album “Great Escape” when you order my solo album, “America” – 72 Hours Only!


Two albums for only $9,95, offer gone in 72 hours!

Ben & SC album cover Vertical

1. My American Revolution
2. The Ugliest Girl in the World
3. Bring Home the Angels
4. Wasteland
5. Jesus, John & I (Soli Deo Gloria)




1. You Own the Game
2. Washed away in Rain
3. Don’t You Walk Away
4. Second Man on the Moon
5. Great Escape




Get the two albums here:
“America & Great Escape” for the price of one!

As you might already know: both our albums are sort of alternative… yet classic in shape and form. But just to help you narrow it down:

Sonic Cults album is a straight forward american pop rock record. Catchy pop hooks ala Goo Goo Dolls, played with our hearts out like REM, with tons of energy like Live and Foo Fighters.

My solo album “America”, is by many standars  an indie folk record. But it doesn’t totally fit, nothing ever does, so I came up with my own genre: Acoustic Pop Noir. I am leaning on  personal favorites like Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, not to mention Chris Cornell.

This is what you can expect. We feel confident that if you like two or more of the above mentioned names, you will like these records too!

So use the 72 hour offer, get the two albums now! You get them for the price of one, but remember once this offer comes down it will never reappear.




After you have ordered, a link will be sent to your inbox with the two albums!